A cure for accidentally blowing up an important switch or teleporter in Hideous Destructor.
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Kiri's Wiring Bypass Kit

Have you ever been stuck in Hell because you accidentally blew up a switch to an important locked door?

Couldn't leave the UAC HQ after giving your two weeks in the form of too much heavy ordnance, because you broke the elevator?

Can't make it through that broken teleporter to the sweet, sweet freedom of the end of the level?

Well, have I got the solution for YOU!

Kiri's Discount Wiring Bypass Kit!

Temporarily restore power to broken electronics (or creepy hellish teleporter alien magic things) with this handy dandy kit.

Just use this stud finder Wiring Fault Detection Unit to find the location of a broken linedef internal mechanism, and use the accompanying TURBO WIRE CUTTER 9000 brand wire strippers, along with a standard battery, some electrical tape, some wire, and flagrant disregard for personal safety, and you can make that broken teleporter into your very own teleporter accident functioning teleporter!

(Batteries NOT included.)

How to use

Loadout code: jmp

Use the Wiring Bypass Kit item as an inventory item. Approach a broken switch, teleporter, or other mechanism, and aim the device at the area of the breakage. It may take a moment to find a repairable fault.

The Wiring Fault Detection Unit has three LEDs indicating the detection status:

  • Red: There is a broken mechanism, that can be repaired.
  • Green: Everything is functioning as implemented.
  • Yellow: Not close enough to make a determination. Approach the mechanism.

The LCD indicator can detect the exact nature of the faulty mechanism. See appendix D for a list of codes.

Once a faulty mechanism has been located, you may attach a charged battery to the mechanism to temporarily restore some functionality to it.

Note: Some mechanisms cannot be repaired through simple wiring bypass, such as doors or elevators, if the damage is on the mechanism itself, instead of a switch or other remote activator.

TODO: Remove any language not corporate-aligned, such as "teleporter accident" and "mechanism".

Appendix D

Appendix D is unavailable in the Kiri's Discount Wiring Bypass Kit manual. To obtain a copy of appendix D, please purchase a subscription to Kiri's Discount Wiring Bypass Kit: Professional Edition.